Bathroom Planning (A step by step guide)

Step 1: Measure Your Available Space 

  1. Make a freehand drawing of your room and write your measurements on it, in inches. Include all dimensions, including windows, doors, showers, bathtubs, and toilet placement.

  2. Make your drawing as if the room had no cabinets in it. Measure to the actual drywall and do not include baseboard or existing cabinets.

  3. Double check your measurements. The overall length of a wall should equal the sum of its parts.

  4. The width and height of windows and doors should be measured to the outside of the trim. Door dimensions should include the measurement from the outside of the trim to the corner of the room. Window dimensions should include the distance from the finished floor, as well as the measurement from the center line to the corner of the room.

  5. Once your drawing is complete, you can experiment with different cabinet layouts.

  6. Begin your cabinet layout using your existing vanity placement.

  • Keep in mind that vanity tops are usually 1" wider and deeper than the vanity cabinet.
  • For example, a 24” W x 21” D vanity cabinet requires a 25” W x 22” D vanity top.
  • Note the location of plumbing which may influence the width of your vanity.
  • Allow enough space so that the bathroom door is not obstructed.
  • Consider the location of existing furnishings such as mirrors, light switches, and decorative wall treatments.

Step 2: Select a Vanity Combo or a Vanity Cabinet and Top

Bath Cabinets

Bath cabinets are fully-assembled and are available in various finishes. Cabinet styles and colors vary 
by series. A vanity combo comes with a vanity top.  A vanity cabinet requires a vanity top (sold separately).

Vanity Combo (faucet sold separately)  

Vanity (vanity top and faucet sold separately)


Vanity Tops

Cultured marble tops provide a durable high gloss finish, available in a variety of attractive sink bowl styles and colors. The seamless one-piece design makes cleaning easy. Vanity tops are always .5" wider and deeper on each end of the vanity cabinet.


Step 3: Complete Your Bathroom

Wall Cabinets

Continental Cabinets offers bath storage cabinets and medicine cabinets to help you add extra storage to your bathroom.