Frequently Asked Questions


Kitchen Cabinets (FAQs)


Can I order products directly from Continental Cabinets? 
Continental Cabinets sells only to retailers and distributors. For a full assortment of Continental Cabinets bath products, please visit your local retailer.

How much do cabinets cost? 
Cost varies based on the number of cabinets and style chosen. Contact your local retailer for assistance with design and selection. They will be able to answer cost questions.

Can I purchase extra shelves for my kitchen cabinets? 
Yes, please see our Contact Us page.

Will the finish color vary? 
Continental Cabinets is dedicated to make our best attempt at matching finish colors throughout our manufacturing processes. Because of natural and environmental factors when constructing wood products, texture differences or color and wood grain variations might be apparent in the wood or laminate materials used in your cabinets. This is to be expected and is not considered a defect.

What does your warranty cover? 
Our Cabinet Warranty is described in detail on this site. Click here to view or print a copy.

How do I clean and care for my cabinets? 
Continental Cabinets has care instructions listed on this site. Click here to view our instructions.

I am interested in becoming a retailer for your products. Can you help? 
We welcome new retailers to our distribution network. Click here to get in touch with us.

How do I repair scratches on my cabinetry? 
Touch-up kits are available for making minor repairs. The kit contains a putty stick matched to your cabinet finish. Follow the manufacturers instructions in using the touch-up products. For extreme damage, consult with a furniture restoration professional.