Frequently Asked Questions


Bathroom Cabinets (FAQs)


Can I order products directly from Continental Cabinets? 
Continental Cabinets sells only to distributors. For a full assortment of Continental Cabinets bath products, please visit your local retailer.

Can I order replacement parts or medicine cabinet shelves through Continental Cabinets? 
Yes, please see our 
Contact Us page.

What do I do if the doors on my vanity cabinet are not aligned? 
Prior to installing, make sure your cabinet is level. If it is not level, you will have to shim your cabinet. Use a level to ensure the cabinet is aligned vertically and horizontally before installing. Then use the adjustment screw that is in the mounting plate to adjust side to side or up and down. (Complete installation instructions are printed on the product carton).

What does your warranty cover? 
Please refer to the Cabinet Warranty page.

How do I attach my Cultured Marble vanity top to my vanity cabinet? 
A tube of silicone adhesive is required for installing your vanity top. Apply a bead of silicone along the top of the vanity cabinet edge and along the backside of the back splash. Place the vanity top gently onto the vanity cabinet, and position. Allow time for the adhesive to dry (Refer to the silicone adhesive manufacturer's instructions for proper use and drying time).

I'm installing tiles near my vanity, can I use grout to secure my side splash? 
Grout may be used only to seal the seams on a side splash. You still need to use a silicone adhesive to mount and secure the side splash as grout is not meant for bonding. Follow the manufacturers instructions for proper use and drying time..

How can I fix a chip or scratch on my Cultured Marble vanity top? 
Repair kits are not offered for this. Please contact a countertop professional.

What water temperature can my cultured marble or solid surface technology vanity top withstand? 
All vanity tops can withstand temperature changes from 50 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. All vanity tops comply with ANSI Z124.3 standards.

I use well water in my home, will this affect my vanity top? 
Since well water is rich with calcium, it is more prone to leave white stains (calcium deposits) on your cultured marble or solid surface technology vanity top. If you experience this issue, we recommend using a gentle scrub-type cleaner (such as Bar Keepers Friend) that does not contain bleach.